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Co-Op's Gro The Incredible Burger Review

If you're vegan you'll probably have a list of alternatives and, if you're like us, your list will have a few key things which companies have already perfect. For us the vegan alternatives to sausage rolls, sausages, burgers and chocolates are already spot on 9 times out of 10.

Spoiler - Co-Ops Gro brand have smashed it with the burger too!

You could probably stop reading the review here, but if you're after a little bit more then let's crack on. For those of you who've been following our blog for our while, you'll know we've already reviewed Green Cuisine's Chicken Burgers and we usually opt for Captain Birds Eye and his Green Cuisine range for normal faux burgers too. The problem with them is that they've changed the recipe from the original version which was more 'meaty' and now they have a much stronger onion flavour and it's not quite right in James' book any more. That was why when we were in the Co-Op the promise of the ultimate vegan burger took our attention.

It's probably a hang over from when we weren't vegan, but a little bit of us is always slightly wary of frozen foods like these. Thinking about it it's because we were told from a young age that fresh food is preferable, especially with meat products, so in case you were feeling the same, it's not a concern with this sort of vegan food. You pop these in the oven on a baking a tray and whack them in the oven. They cook really nicely and let out some sort of juices as their cooking, giving you the impression there's something happening as they cook through, in the same way the meat alternative would.

Then we get to the good bit - the eating. These actually reminded us a lot of the Moving Mountains burgers you get quite often in restaurants. They're flavoursome, quite meaty tasting and have a good texture as you bite in. They're actually much better than we expected truth be told.

We had ours with the buns, salad and a little bit of BBQ sauce and it was really very nice. We'll definitely be grabbing these again if we're passing by a Co-Op. They're the sort of thing you can just buy and have in the freezer for when you get home and don't want to think too hard about cooking!

8.5 / 10 - Keep a pack in the freezer and you won't be disappointed.


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