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Treecard - Plant trees as you shop!

While we're plant-based for health and ethical reasons here at The Fussy Vegans, like most other people our age we are really concerned about the health of the planet which we will be living in for the next 50 years or so.

We've already swapped our default search engine to Ecosia to plant trees as we search, but the other day we saw something a little bit unique pop up on Hotukdeals (it's a guilty pleasure). The listing was for Treecard.

Turns out Treecard is the brainchild of four Londoners who could see a clever way of using the small payment processing fee - which your bank takes a small cut of every time you spend money on your debit card - and using 80% of the profits to fund tree-planting projects. It's fantastic business sense for them because it means that can cover their costs before planting trees and they get to walk away with 20% of the profits too.

So, how much needs to be spent to plant one tree? They're promising to plant one tree for every $60 spent on the cards, which works out to just over £50. You can have a read of all of the benefits here.

Aside from being excellent for the planet in the long term with the extra trees, you also get to rock a sustainably sourced Cherry wood debit card, which really looks the part too! Have a look at that thing!

While there aren't any details on an exact launch date, the Treecard team are gathering interest and choosing which countries to launch the card in first based on demand.

If you're interested in getting your hands on one as soon as they launch then head across to Treecard's site using our link below and they'll plant one extra tree for each person who joins the queue using our link!


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