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About us

We're the Fussy Vegans; when I say that, I mean one fussy vegan and her husband who will eat anything as long as there's BBQ sauce nearby.  My name's Amy - and he's James - we're a couple of twenty-somethings who're trying to live more healthily so we decided to give veganism a go. 

PS. We've made our site carbon neutral now too! Have a read how here.


Since I was young, I've always found the idea of eating meat confusing.  My mum often recalls finding it funny at how repulsed I was at the idea of the wolf gobbling up the three little pigs for dinner, whilst eating the ham sandwich in front of me. When I was six, I cottoned on to the idea that lamb was in fact a baby sheep and refused to eat it. Fast forward to me at a carvery at eleven years old and firmly telling my grandparents I didn't want to eat meat any more, and then shaking my head at all the options available at the buffet except the roast potatoes. The problem was, and my family find this hilarious, I was the vegetarian who hated vegetables. When I say 'hate', I mean I would only eat cucumber, sweetcorn and carrots! Imagine my mum's horror at trying to find me some alternatives! 

Over the years, I've often found myself feeling guilty of eating animal by-products but tried to convince myself that, as long as they're free-range or organic, the industry can't be that bad - right? Unfortunately, my love of a glass of milk every night and a heap of cheese on my pasta clouded my judgement. 

In 2019, my friends told us that they had watched a documentary on Netflix called, 'The Gamechangers'

 which convinced them to try vegetarianism. James and I watched it, and some further documentaries available, and decided to research further into the benefits suggested of veganism. Knowing that James can benefit from improved diet was a key factor that influenced our decision; however, I didn't want to just switch to 'fake' meat products as I worry about the health implications not yet known, so we decided to try - as much as possible - to eat wholefood, plant-based, made-from-scratch meals that tasted good! As you can imagine, that Christmas, we received six 'vegan' recipe books from friends and family, the majority of which used strange ingredients that most people won't having laying around the house. That's why we've decided to create this blog which gives honest reviews of food that even the fussiest vegan will enjoy! 

As for my other interests, I'm a teacher who loves baking, dancing and playing badminton. 



While Amy's the natural Vegan, I'm the one who takes a bit more convincing. I love my food and ethical concerns weren't something which we worried too much about in my childhood. They are more of a concern now that I can comprehend some farming issues, but more than anything it's about making sure that the food I eat is good for my health.

I really like dirty food as a treat -think burgers, pizza and things like that, so being Vegan is difficult because I want to find useful alternatives for my weekly treats.

Thankfully, since I've been Vegan I've been feeling better, been losing weight and feeling quite good physically, so there's nothing to lose by carrying on with our experiment. 

For our reviews, I'll be the moderating voice who can let you honestly know how Vegan alternatives taste from the perspective of someone who loves their meat!

Outside of this blog, I'm a marketing manager, I love sports (especially football and canoeing) and I love technology.

Shopping for ingredients?

We recommend The Vegan Kind for your specialist Vegan products
and your local farm shop for your vegetables.

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