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Ethical Money Matters

While we're both vegan, we also try to be as ethical as we can in our daily lives. Yep - we're those people who have an electric car, electric heating at home and that sort of thing. One thing people often overlook when thinking about changes they can make, is what we do with our money. After all it makes the world go round, so where we save it and what we invest in can make a huge difference - businesses will follow the money after all.

For us that means that our cash savings are with a local building society or in green savings and lately we've become more interested in ethical investing. With savings rates so low and the prospect of not being able to take our state pensions until we're 70 (if they exist at all by then!), we want to make sure we have options when we get older! 

While the stock market is a risky place, in the long run you'll likely be better off from your investments than from keeping cash in savings or under the mattress. Being ethical for us means the shares we put our money in have to be Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) and actively avoid things like oil, tobacco, gambling. Instead we want more of a focus on technology, renewable energy and companies who are working to make society better.

Money can be a minefield so we only recommend products we actually use ourselves. Please make sure you do your research before choosing any investment products and only invest what you can afford to lose. If in doubt, take professional financial advice. With that said, if you're interested in getting started we have some great sign up offers which you can take advantage of below!

Ethical Investment Options - Shares

Freetrade free share.png

Deposit £250 and keep it invested for 3 months and you'll get a £25 bonus.

Get a free share or stock worth up to £200 when you fund your account - you can then choose your own green investments.

Invest £5 and keep it invested for 90 days and Circa5000 (Was Tickr) will give you a £15 bonus and they'll plant 2 trees!

Invest engine.PNG

It's not got a specific ethical focus, but invest £100 and they'll give you a £50 bonus. Make sure you leave it there for a year otherwise the bonus will be taken from withdrawals.

Not sure where to get ingredients?

We recommend The Vegan Kind for your specialist Vegan products
and your local farm shop for your vegetables.

Ethical Investment Options - Bonds

Energise Africa.PNG

This was one of our first ever investments. With Energise Africa you loan money for a certain period for solar systems across Africa


Lendahand fund ethical loans for companies and individuals in developing regions. Receive a €25 discount on their first investment of a minimum of €50. Use code YWWH-X2X6-273F.

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