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Challenge Holly - Episode 2 - Scones

We're back with our second instalment of Challenge Holly. In case you missed the first one (you can have a look here), we're challenging our friend who's amazing at baking. We know you've all got one too. The only difference being we just weigh out the ingredients and tell Holly what we want her to make - no instructions. Think technical challenge from Bake Off, but with plant-based ingredients - most normal people wouldn't know where to start. So it's a damned good job that Holly isn't normal!

While we started her off nice and easy with the Vegan Cookies (recipe here if you do want some help!), we've stepped it up a notch and are asking her to make Scones this time. We've given her a few different ingredients which should get her thinking. See how she got on below and if you'd like to do them by the book have a look here!


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