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Day 3 of the 7 Day Challenge

Today was a little bit of a strange day. Amy woke up in the night to some sort of minor allergic reaction and so we lost quite a lot of sleep overnight. Seeing as we're fortunate enough to have a week off, we took full advantage and we didn't really manage to get up until just before midday.

Seeing as we were running slightly behind schedule, we started the day with some of our homemade granola. It's still super tasty and we're genuinely impressed with it - we will definitely be sharing our version of the recipe soon! James is set on having his with vegan milk, whereas Amy prefers it with vegan yoghurt and a couple of chunks of fresh fruit. However you like yours, make it, enjoy it - it's a winner.

We then did a little bit of tidying around the house - it's a bit rainy today, so there's no much we can do outside - and then James had a go at putting together an ethical money matters page on our site. Once you've finished reading this, you can have a look at that here!

Which brought us very nicely onto our late lunch. Today's recipe was something called a Shawarma Bowl. To describe it in layman's terms it's curried chickpeas and cauliflower with salad and a mint and parsley dressing.

The recipe was nice and simple and probably took us 30 minutes in total - the time consuming bit was the cooking time for the cauliflower and chickpeas. We also made use of some of our pickled onions which we made at the weekend. James is in love with those, he keeps going on about how simple they are to do and how tasty it is. It's just pickled onion: lockdown is clearly starting to affect him! 😂

Back to lunch though, we really enjoyed the curried flavour and it went well with the freshness of the salad and the coolness of the dressing. Next time though we've learnt that the chickpeas don't need 30 minutes in the oven (probably 15 mins would be better unless you like yours crispy?) and you can go easy on the spice mix because it packs some punch. Even with those two slight missteps we will add this one to our lunch list for future. We think this is precisely the sort of thing you could make up quickly of an evening and have for lunch for two or three days when you're working.

This evening we opted for a coconut curry. The main reason we went for this was because we noticed that our mushrooms are starting to go slightly off and we don't want to waste food. This was something we were worried about and was one of the things which always put us off eating this way when we're both at work full time. It's a first world problem, but we live in the Essex countryside and it's about a 20 minute drive to any large shop. There's a little village shop which has some fresh options, but you can't always rely on them having what you need when you need it. Fingers crossed it's just because we got short changed with the expiry date for the mushrooms and not a sign everything else is on it's way out too.

Once everything had been prepared though we had a lovely colourful coconut curry. We both absolutely adore curries and this is a nice option to add to the rotation - our favourite is still this one though! Next time Amy wants to add a little bit more spice, but it still had a lovely, rich flavour.

And finally, today is Shrove Tuesday, so it was rude not to round out our day with a little pancake treat! Amy whizzed up some macadamia nuts and some melted chocolate earlier to create a nutty, chocolatey spread for the toppings, before rustling up some spelt flour pancakes. We polished off the lot with some raspberries on the side! It's quite amazing that we can have things like this and know all of the ingredients, normally it's just so easy to turn straight to the supermarket option with all sorts of additives, but they're so quick and easy to make at home!

Nom! See you tomorrow.


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