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Sushi Daily's Vegan Sushi Review

In our corner of Essex, it's part of the commuter belt and in keeping with the needs of local consumers the fish counter at our local Asda is out and a new Sushi Daily kiosk is in.

This change of use has caused quite the stir with the locals; dedicated sushi counters aren't the sort of thing you'd expect in our part of rural Essex and we're not convinced it will be there too long, so we took our chance and decided to try their vegan options.

Unfortunately it was just the two options available to us. First was an openly vegan avocado sushi roll or 'makizushi' - right up our street. The other option was some Japanese dumplings or 'gyoza' which were labelled as vegetarian, but as far as we could see they may only contained 'traces' of egg, which is fine by us because it's not intentionally in there.

Starting with the sushi rolls, we were really impressed. We don't actually know what we're doing wrong when we try and make them ourselves at home. It might just be that the seaweed wrap that we order is just obnoxiously strong, but we just lose all of the taste of the filling amongst a salty, seaweed-y flavour when we do them. Thankfully, these were much more mildly flavoured and the rice was spot on and there was a nice aftertaste of avocado. Truthfully, we wish we'd bought the other pack of these on the shelves, because we both wanted more!

After dispatching the sushi, we realised the gyoza needed to be cooked so we whipped out the frying pan and fried them on one side for about 3 minutes as per the instructions. We were pleasantly surprised here. We're not a huge fan of dumplings of any description usually, but these reminded us of a spring roll in dumpling form and these were surprisingly light and pleasant.

Obviously then we enjoyed both parts of our lunch, but one thing we weren't so enamoured with was the price. The sushi was £2.50 and the gyoza was £3.50 so £6 for the whole lot. While we appreciate that's the cost of a couple of meal deals, it does seem very steep given the quantity you actually get, but maybe we're just getting older and we're forgetting about inflation!

That being said, if we're in Asda around lunchtime again, we'd happily pick up the sushi again! You can check out the full photo gallery below the ratings.

Ratings: Sushi rolls - 9.5 / 10 Great flavour, great for a grab and go lunch or snack.

Gyoza - 8 / 10

Tasty, but very expensive for what you get.


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