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Greggs Vegan Festive Bake Review

It's Christmas!!! It's great being vegan at the moment, it seems like every week there's an exciting new product to try and Veganuary is right around the corner, so we're about to be deluged with options again.

While everyone else is in Starbucks enjoying their pumpkin spiced lattes, we took ourselves to Greggs to try their new Festive Bake. We already know we love their vegan sausage rolls and feeling festive it was rude not to give this a try too!

After the first bite, we forgot we needed to take a picture and while we tried valiantly and from lots of different angles, we struggled getting a good picture of this to show you, our best one is here. Greggs is just impossible for a normal person to take a nice photo of, but we 'borrowed' the photo from Greggs' website to show you what it's meant to look like at the top of the page.

So, about that first bite, one thing which surprised us was that this isn't quite like the sausage roll or vegan steak bake. In the steak bake for example, there are little chunks of our vegan-friendly meat, whereas in this there were the tiniest bits of vegan turkey, but honestly it felt like stuffing in our mouths.

If we've not sold you on the texture, rest assured that the flavour is great. We'd call it Christmas dinner in a pastry. You get the stuffing flavour, every so often there's a little nugget of flavour in the form of small cranberries and there's some sort of faux meaty flavour, which comes through gently. Greggs' website lists a vegan bacon rub and it might be that which we're tasting, but it wasn't discernible to our pallets.

All in all it's what it says on the tin - a festive bake from Greggs. It's reasonably priced, it's pretty tasty and needless to say, we'll grab another one when we're out doing our last minute shopping and you should give it a go too!

8/10 - It's a festive bake from Greggs, and it's vegan!


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