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Gro Vegan Ice Cream Selection Review

We attend our weekly dance class and once we come out, there's an exceptionally conveniently located East of England Co-op almost directly opposite the sports centre. You always need to pop in and grab something and Co-op seems to be constantly growing their range of Vegan alternatives. This week we were just walking past the freezer section, hoping for vegan Ben and Jerry's truthfully. Instead, we stumbled across the lime green packaging of Co-op's Gro line.

If you're a frequent theatre goer then you'll recognise this style of mini ice cream tub and, especially if you're vegan, you'll know how you look on in envy during the intermission while all the 'normal' people enjoy their glorious little pots of Haagen Dazs.

With that envy in mind, we shared a quick glance and put these in our shopping basket. Besides, we'd done some exercise so it warranty a treat anyways - that's how it works!

By the time we'd returned home our pots were a little melty, and there was a nice layer of frost on the outside of our little pots.

Amy was first in and had herself some of the chocolate brownie flavour. She started off slightly unimpressed, but the more she ate the more she enjoyed it. The chocolatey flavour starts off tasting quite artificial, a little bit like angel delight, but we both agreed it does get better the more you eat. James had the salted caramel - the consolation prize in our household - but actually ended up being pleasantly surprised. The salty flavour seemed to be confined to the top of the pot and by the end of the tub, he was pleasantly surprised to feel like he wanted more.

All things considered, these little pots are a nice option for us plant-based people. Co-ops are always in convenient places and when you need a sweet treat these will satisfy a craving!

Rating - 8 / 10 We'll definitely grab these again - they're the right size, taste pretty good and they help make up for what we miss out on at the theatre.


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