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Review - Vegan Galaxy Orange

One thing we've really missed since being fully plant-based are the sweet treats.

While dark chocolate is really nice and satisfies some of the sweet cravings, sometimes you just want a bar of chocolate. The supermarkets 'free-from' ranges always leave something to be desired for us. So when we were exploring Tesco and we came across a their 3 vegan chocolate options in the free from aisle (they've missed a trick putting them there and not down the chocolate aisle!), we had to get some.

Let's get the only real issue out the way early, these are expensive. It's £3 for a bar which isn't really very big and that is a little bit too much. We completely understand that it's a new product, it even has completely compostable packaging, which is a nice touch, but somewhere around the £2 mark is where this should end up and hopefully will as they sell more over time!

But, the cost can be forgiven when you actually crack the chocolate open and eat it. If we said imagine a really smooth Galaxy bar mixed with Terry's Chocolate Orange, you're probably not a million miles away from the flavour. The smoothness of the chocolate really is something, it literally just melts away in the mouth. The product itself is really tasty - as incidentally, are both the other flavours which Galaxy offers in Vegan varieties - that's caramelised hazelnut and sea salt and caramel.

We'd wholeheartedly recommend you give it a try - if you're a chocolate connoisseur stick with you dark chocolate, but if you've been missing an alternative to milk chocolate we think this will be right up your street!

Rating - 9/10 It's a winner, it just needs to be cheaper!


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