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Cadbury's Plant Bar Review

Since Galaxy launched their Vegan options a while back now, we've all been waiting for Cadbury's to deliver their alternative. It's finally here!

Amusingly Cadbury knew they dropped the ball on creating a dairy free bar and issued an apology during the launch of the Plant Bar, they said: “It took us time to get it just right, but we hope you agree, it was worth the wait!” So, after all that, was it worth the wait?

Well, yes. We've had the chance to try a few of these now. It's a nice chocolate bar compared to some of the of the ropey vegan alternatives, but it's no Dairy Milk!

Let's start with the good bits then. It's chocolatey, it's lovely and smooth and it does taste a bit like the traditional Cadbury bars you'll remember if you haven't been vegan forever.

We were talking about the best way to explain what we didn't like about the bars for this review. The thing is there's not much to dislike, but when you're comparing it to the original Dairy Milk, it's just not quite as close to the original as the Galaxy bars are. That doesn't mean these are bad, but we just really wanted more.

Incidentally, salted caramel fans will be delighted because that version of the Plant Bar has a little something extra with the extra crunch.

Rating: 7.5/10

It's a good start, but it's still not quite Dairy Milk.

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1 Comment

Always a cadburys chocolate person , then as a vegan I couldn’t believe bournville was vegan ,but now feel so sad they changed the ingredients so no longer vegan the new Cadbury’s bar for vegan does not compensate , it is plastic chocplate . so i am waiting for cadburys to realise their mistake and bring back the superior bournville bar. In the time being I eat m & s chocolate truffles and fudge plant life . But still live in hope 😕

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