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Review - Vegan Galaxy Cookie Crumble

We've already taken a look at the vegan Galaxy Orange - spoiler it's great. Then a few weeks ago we heard that Asda were getting the exclusive on a couple of exciting new flavours, so it was rude not to give them a try!

If you've got a sweet tooth and are veggie then you'll likely already be a fan of Galaxy's normal Cookie Crumble - we used to love the stuff before we went plant-based. The good news is that the vegan equivalent doesn't disappoint either.

If you've tried one of the other flavours, you'll already know that the chocolate itself is extremely smooth and genuinely delicious, when you add in the off little bit of crunch from the crumbled cookies, you have a lovely bar.

In our previous reviews, we've complained that the £3 price tag which Tesco used to charge was a little steep and the good news is that the new Asda exclusive bars are £2.50 - we're definitely going in the right direction.

One other minor detail is that these Vegan Galaxy bars are now not wrapped in the compostable plastic style, they've swapped that out for tin foil instead.

Overall, it's a lovely sweet treat and fingers crossed these will sell well enough for Asda to keep stocking them!

Rating - 9/5/10 It's a winner and the price is heading in the right direction too!


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