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Tesco Wicked Kitchen Double Trouble Chocolate Cookies

This year seems to have seen a boom in vegan alternatives in all of the major shops and chains. Tesco have a good mix of options available now including brands like This Isn't and Beyond, but they have a great range of their own brand products in the shape of their Wicked Kitchen range.

On our recent visit we thought we'd give these cookies a quick once over because we always look on in envy at the Galaxy, Smartie and Yorkie cookies!

To start, we were really impressed with the texture of these. They feel just like they look, solid, but with a little bit of softness in the centre. They also avoid the slightly unnatural flavour which the Co-Op's Gro cookies have.

The chocolate isn't too dark and they have a really good balance of sweetness, without being too much!

While they're not quite as good as a non-vegan cookie, these are a really good alternative if you've got someone who's dairy free or vegan coming to a gathering this summer, or if you want to pick up a sweet treat for yourself! Rating - 9/10

We'll pick these up next time we go shopping!


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