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Chicago Town Deep Dish Cheezeburger Pizzas Review

Anyone else remember these bad boys from when they were kids? There was always a cheeky stash in the back of the freezer. The problem was that one was never enough, so you had to have both of them for lunch!

We're excited to see they're now available in vegan form too - thank you Veganuary - and we've had a nibble and these are our thoughts!

First things first, these are Cheezeburger flavour - yep, we can confirm they taste like a cheese burger. It's a weird sensation putting a pizza in your mouth and getting the pizza texture, but getting the strong flavour of a burger. We don't dislike it though.

For those of you who love your gherkins, you'll be pleased to hear that these pizzas have quite a punchy taste of the gherkins and there's a hint of a Big Mac flavour coming through too. For those of you meat reducing, these do make a good option because they do replicate the beef flavour quite well.

In terms of pizza base, if you've ever had these before then there's nothing new here. It's the same texture, same taste just now it's vegan. If you came to find out about the vegan cheese they've used here, we can't offer too much of an insight. The good news though is that it's not sticky cheese, it's not got any really strong flavour to it - to be honest it's lost to the burger flavour and if you couldn't see it, you probably wouldn't know it's there.

All in all, we liked the flavour, we liked the cooking time, we like the convenience of these things and we're chuffed there's a vegan option - the taste won't be for everyone though, but we liked it. We'll be getting these again for a treat!

Rating: 9/10

Another great vegan substitute! Give them a try.

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