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Iceland 'No Porkies' Sausage rolls review

We think we can now safely declare the Vegan Sausage Roll to have been perfected.

Greggs have nailed it, Walls have nailed it and without wanting to be too condescending, even Iceland have perfected it too!

This is going to be quite a short review because you can buy these and know that they'll be perfect cooked up and chopped into pieces for a family gathering, or if you're fancying a dirty lunchtime snack then these will absolutely fit the bill.

We actually have a pack of these tucked in the bottom draw of the freezer just for when we get home from a long day at work and just need to put something in the oven to save ordering a takeaway!

In terms of flavour, the pastry is crisp (if you cook them as you should and warm the oven up before putting things in - we're not very good at that), the filling is actually quite meaty tasting and the texture is just like the 'real thing'.

At 6 for £2 and given that these are actually quite big; the picture is a little deceiving, the box and the sausage rolls themselves are really quite long and wide, we whole-heartedly recommend them.

Rating - 9/10 A lot to like and for this price they're a winner. The only problem is sometimes it's a faff finding an Iceland near you!



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