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Nush Dairy Free Almond Milk Cheese with Chive Review

Every so often we have a scroll through websites like The Vegan Kind, Alternative Stores and we have a quick search when doing our online click and collect orders from the supermarkets, just to see what's new.

This week we noticed this this vegan cream cheese. With lockdown life getting a bit repetitive, we thought we'd spice up our lunchtimes this week and we ordered ourselves a serving of the Nush Diary Free Almond M*lk Cheese with Chive (Don't try and say that after you've had a glass or two of wine!).

For our taste test we paired it with some Warburton's protein bagels which we had stashed in the cupboard and some chopped cucumber and tomato.

Because there was a lot going on with our lunch it was a little bit challenging to isolate the cream cheese flavour in and of itself. In our book that's a good thing because it means it's not overpowering. Instead you get the nice smooth texture you'd expect with a hint of chive coming through after you get the fresh tastes of the veggies and the earthy flavours from the seeded bagels.

For us, it's a great cream cheese alternative. The flavour is just enough and it's what it says on the tin. You can't go wrong with this in our book and we'll be getting some more next time we get a craving for cream cheese!

Rating: 9.5/10

Lovely flavour, good texture - it's a great alternative!

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