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Review - BBQ Fib Rack from Tesco

It turns out that while James isn't eating meat, he still gets some challenging cravings for it. When Tesco's online shopping suggested this, we had to try it! Obviously you are going to struggle to get ribs in the same way you would from an animal, but here's what we thought of Tesco's latest attempt!

When you look at it in the packet, it must be said this isn't the most pleasant looking item. It's something akin to some sort of dense burger patty, but whack it in the oven without looking too closely and you'll be fine.

Interestingly this product has a very meaty texture and for those of you looking to meat reduce, we'd say this is more like a pork chop than ribs in terms of bite and feel in the mouth.

The flavour is quite nice too, it's not quite as good as something like the Linda McCartney sausages in terms of similarity to meat, but it's not unpleasant. Slap the BBQ sauce on top and you've got a winner in our book.

We think this is worth a try for anyone looking for a pork alternative, but with a caveat that it might not be for everyone.

Rating - 7/10 We'd have it again.


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