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Review - Chicago Town Stuffed Crust BBQ Jackfruit (Vegan)

James' reaction when this popped up on our online shopping recommendations was priceless. He's been finding it particularly hard not having any milk products and both of us love pizza. For the most part, the vegan pizzas aren't usually that bad, but what James misses is the variety of toppings and he's not such a big fan of the 'stick to the roof of your mouth cheese' which they all seem to have on them. So, let's see if one of the most popular frozen pizza brands has a home run with their vegan option.

Firstly, full marks from James for having a good topping - there's nothing worse than just plain old vegan cheese in his mind. One criticism, and this is always the case with Chicago Town, is that you will notice that the marketing on the box suggests this pizza is a bit larger than it actually is - there's a lot of dough on this one and not so much topping. You'll be pleasantly surprised to hear that's pretty much where the cons end and it's mostly positive from here on out.

Otherwise, on the size front, the pizza is more than big enough for a meal, or a sharer if you've got a side of wedges to go with it. The flavour is nice, you get the tomato come through with a hint of BBQ sauce from the Jackfruit. When you get a pepper in a mouthful it gives you a little hint of something different. One thing you will notice though, is that the sticky vegan cheese is out in full force, but we appreciate some of you might like this more than James does.

All things considered, and bearing in mind this is a frozen pizza which costs around £3, we'd wholeheartedly recommend you give this a shot and whack it in the freezer for when you need something quick after a long day at work - we've already got a couple in there.

Score - 9/10


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