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Review - Fry's Meat-free Chicken Style Nuggets

So, let's forgive the super catchy name which all vegan alternatives seem to carry - Fry's Vegan Nuggets would be infinite times better - because these ones are good.

When we opened these bad boys up, they looked more like vegan chicken nuggets than any we’d tried before - we followed the instructions and had them in the oven.

Needless to say, James can't wait when it's something he misses food-wise so he tried one before plating up (he can’t help himself!) and he didn’t seem that fussed by them so Amy had quite low hopes. However, she was pleasantly surprised by these nuggets and they definitely get better the more you eat and we both definitely agreed on that! We think the initial excitement probably didn't help.

We would say that these need a sauce to make them really great, but they're certainly the best and closest in texture and taste that we’ve come across yet. Rating: 9/10

There's not a huge amount in it between these and chicken nuggets, but you can see the food comparisons below.


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