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Review - This Isn't Chicken Tikka Pieces

Full disclaimer - James is writing this review, so this is from the meat-lover perspective. Yesss! We've found it! This is just like chicken, but it's soya. - Review ends -

Well it would be, but you probably want us to elaborate a little bit. When we ordered these we weren't too sure because the reviews have been mixed. We've obviously seen the flashy marketing from This featuring not Ed Sheeran (have a look here) so we know the company has distinctive packaging and a good marketing team, but does the product live up to the hype too?

In a word - yes.

When we ordered these, we planned to make a chicken tikka masala (full recipe here). Amy isn't a fan of the meat alternatives, so was going to have the vegetables curry and then James added these in at the end to make it a proper Tikka Masala.

The problem was, that by the time the meal was prepared, there weren't many pieces left to add. For those looking to reduce their meat intake, and considering these as the alternative, the best comparison is the little packet of sliced chicken chunks you get with a tikka seasoning on - the sort you pick up in the supermarket fridge - because these are ready to eat straight from the pack.

The flavour is spot on, the texture is a perfect recreation of meat - James had to try a second one to confirm that his mouth hadn't deceived him. There's really not much to fault. You have to try them to see how good they are. The only slight criticism is that they're £3 plus a pack. Hopefully they'll come down in price as they become more popular.

There's not much more to add because they're genuinely brilliant. Now we just need to try the other flavours. If you're planning on picking up a pack of your own, you can get them from TheVeganKindSupermarket here or the other stockists are here.

Rating 10/10.

And here's the Chicken Tikka Masala if you want to see it.



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