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This Isn't Bacon Review

So most of you reading this will probably have tried Quorn Bacon before and quickly realised it's not quite the same as the real thing. The problem with it seems to be that it's a little too close to sliced ham and just doesn't feel or taste very meaty at all.

When we placed our monthly order from The Vegan Kind James managed to sneak some This Isn't Bacon into the basket too and here's what he thought from an ex-carnivore viewpoint.

When we ordered This Isn't Bacon we weren't really sure what to expect - some of the review were a bit mixed. The pictures on their website look good, as you can see.

We genuinely have no idea how they made it look like that, because ours didn't. The good news is though, that this stuff tastes really good if you miss bacon!

Let's just say, that it's very difficult to get fake meat products to have the perfect texture - we think they can only do it with nuggets because they're so heavily processed. So while, it's not 100%, the texture of these manages to capture the slight chewiness and they're a little bit hard to tear with your teeth in the same way bacon is!

The flavour as well is really quite good. We popped these inside a burger with BBQ sauce and a green cuisine burger and some (vegan) smoked Gouda and it was the best vegan burger we've had yet. We've also had it as the meat replacement with a Sunday Roast - it goes well with stuffing - don't knock it until you've tried it.

All things consider we think this is a great replacement for bacon and we will be ordering it a lot more!

Rating 9/10

Will bacon again!


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