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Vegan Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts Review

Recently it was James' birthday and we heard on the grapevine that Krispy Kreme have launched home delivery on their famous doughnut range. It seemed like the perfect excuse for a treat and, seeing as Krispy Kreme have a vegan option now, we thought it rude not to put in an order!

We'll start with the boring bit: delivery is by DPD and they deliver the same way Hello Fresh do, with a great big sticker on your box which says words like 'Must be delivered today' and they usually leave it in a safe place if you're not there for delivery. Your precious doughnuts come padded in another rigid cardboard box in addition to the Krispy Kreme branded one to ensure safe delivery.

At the moment, us vegans are only able to enjoy a vegan version of the original glazed ring doughnuts. That works out quite nicely for the packaging because they add these little stands in the ring too. There is a bit of debate what these are for. James thinks they're to add extra rigidity to the packaging, whereas Amy is adamant these are little doughnut stands to stop your hands getting messy. Either way, they were worthy of a mention (Let us know what they're actually for in the comments!).

Now the doughnuts themselves. Sugary, sweet and all together very doughnut-y. They taste as close to the original version as we could remember and we have no complaints.

There's not a huge amount to add on this review, they're exactly what you'd expect from Krispy Kreme glazed ring doughnuts, but they're now vegan too! It's a winner all round. We just want to see some of the other exciting flavours made vegan now too - Amy would be perfectly happy with a vegan version of the simple Jam doughnut!

Rating 9.5/10 1/2 a point reduction because no doughnuts should ever cost this much - no other complaints!

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