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Subway's Vegan Double Chocolate Cookie Review

We've already taken a look at Subway's Veganuary 2021 headliner - the T.L.C (Tastes.Like.Chicken) sandwich - but, Subway also rolled out a little treat too. They've got vegan Double Chocolate Cookies.

Subway vegan sub and cookie
Subway Vegan T.L.C sub and double chocolate cookie

Anyone who's had Subway cookies will know they're famed for being slightly squishy, but packed full of flavour. On the second point our vegan option didn't disappoint; they were super chocolatey, had a couple of chunks of chocolate in there and had that unique Subway tang.

We might have just been unlucky, but our cookies were a little bit on the drier side. Don't get us wrong, they still tasted great, but they didn't have that signature Subway gooey-ness in the middle.

But, hey if you're in Subway and you're getting your vegan meatball or TLC sub, treat yourself with one (or three) of these too.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

Chocolatey, yummy, but ours were a little dry. Maybe we were unlucky!

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