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Vegan Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat Review

All we have to say about this is, "OMG, yes!"

One thing about being Vegan is that we really miss milk chocolate, like really a lot. Galaxy's bars are great, but they're a bit pricey and while the pricey theme continues here, you can't get inexpensive chocolates when you turn to Hotel Chocolat for your sweet treats.

But, we just celebrated our tenth anniversary (woo - go us!), so we figured we could justify an anniversary treat! We're really pleased we did.

Hotel Chocolat Vegan Sleekster
Here's what you get!

Usually, we get the Vegan All Dark Chocolate Hamper and, while it's great, there are a few bits in there like the Ginger Puddles which we're not that fussed about. The great thing about the Sleekster though is that everything in there is milk chocolate-esque and tastes amazing.

We particularly enjoyed the raspberry and nutmilk bombs - be prepared for a tsunami of raspberry when you bite into it! James was all over the orange and nutmilk battons - he keeps complaining they don't sell a box of these on their own!

Truth be told everything in there was really good and we'll definitely be buying this box again - good job James' birthday is at the end of January!

You can get your Vegan Sleekster box here.

Check out the rest of the Hotel Chocolat Vegan range here.

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