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Birds Eye Green Cuisine Chicken-Free Dippers Review

Birds Eye are back again with a new Green Cuisine offering and it's another one which reminds us of our childhoods! Last time we reviewed their plant-based Chicken Pies and now it's time to trial the chicken-free dippers.

If we recall correctly the meat variety of the dippers used to be like upgraded versions of chicken nuggets, and the same stands true for the vegan version.

The batter is as crispy as you'll remember, the texture is convincing all the way through and the flavour isn't overly punchy, but on their own they taste really good.

While we were reviewing these, we felt a craving for a chicken and bacon wrap, so we paired the chicken-free dippers with some This Isn't bacon in a lettuce and vegan mayo wrap. While the texture was really good and the bacon flavour came through, the dippers were a little lost in the mix and couldn't really taste them, which was a little bit of a shame.

The other thing we noticed with these is that the pack size is a little on the small size. While they come in another attractively designed and appealing on the shelf, there are only 10 dippers per pack, so just bear that in mind if you're in need of a family portion!

Overall, we're quite happy with these alternative dippers and they're definitely worth a try!

Rating 8/10

Worth a try, but quite expensive.


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