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Day 6 of the 7 Day Challenge

With our challenge drawing to a close we've been pleasantly surprised how easy this challenge has proven to be. While we were planning to be a little bit more expansive with our breakfasts, we've been too busy to really be making really exciting early morning food. With that in mind we were back on the granola again today. We genuinely think this will end up becoming our weekly go to. It's inexpensive to make at home (so we save a fortune compared to supermarket prices), it's healthy and each week we can adjust the flavour slightly. Today we popped some apple and raspberries in there and it was great again.

Lunch was something a little different again as well. We went for our lovely cooked vegetable medley! Usually we cook these up and pop them in store bought vegan pesto, but today we made our own with the last of this week's basil. We also made some garlic salted potato chips which are hidden towards the bottom. We already know we like this and it was a real success again.

Lastly we made one of our favourites - Thai Red Curry. In keeping with this week's healthy eating we swapped to rice noodles, popped in some extra green beans and chopped brussels sprouts, in addition to the usual carrot, broccoli and edamame beans.

Seeing as it's Friday and we've really been missed our sweet treats, we decided to use one of the book's desserts. It's a healthier version of an apple crumble; there's some added old fashioned oats and it's made with coconut sugar. It's hard to go wrong with crumble, sugar and apples and that was definitely the case again here.

Last day tomorrow! We'll be grateful for having access to our treat basket again, but we genuinely think we'll be keeping up a lot of this! Don't forget if you want to have a read about what we're trying it's Plant Over Processed and it's available here. See you for the last day tomorrow!


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