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Day 7 of the 7 Day Challenge

Yesterday was the last day of our challenge and, as we begun to run low on fresh goods, we had to get a little bit creative with our meals. We had lots of tomatoes, celery and potatoes left and we have plenty of frozen veg so they had quite a big impact on what we could have!

Breakfast was granola again to help use up the last of the raspberries. We did plan on making some more smoothies during the week, but a combination of not having the right ingredients and just the effort involved at that time in the morning meant we stuck to the granola.

We're really impressed that the recipe lasted the full week and it's definitely one of the highlights of the book we followed.

For lunch, we had to turn to one of our own recipes to use up the rest of the celery and tomatoes so we made ourselves a lovely, rich tomato soup. The soup was great, but when you're eating less calories following these super healthy meal plans you sometimes need to bulk out your meals. That's why we popped on a few of our part baked rolls to fill out the meal.

Completely non-healthy eating related, these part baked rolls have been a blessing during lockdown. They keep in the cupboard for ages and they taste great. If you've not got a stash of them, we highly recommend you get some!

To wrap up our week, we tried to get a little bit creative and make some avocado based cookies. They're not going to feature because they were gross! Was worth a try though.

Disappointing cookies aside, we realised we had a lot of potatoes left and some fresh broccoli florets. It was a little difficult to rustle up a dinner from just those ingredients (we don't know how we ended up with just those left because we had a meal plan!), but we decided to raid our frozen veg draw to round out a dinner.

We pulled together a roast with a variety of veggies. We know this isn't raw whole food eating, but it's not unhealthy either. The only slight issue that we had is that we made the roast on a Saturday night, so we keep thinking today is Monday, especially when we forgot to change our alarms this morning!

All in all, we'd say this trial week has been a huge success. We have discovered a lot of lovely new dishes, especially lunches, which we'll be bringing into our every day diet. We've also definitely learnt that it's not as daunting eating super healthily as we thought it would be. There's definitely a misguided perception that being healthy has to take hours of preparation and this week has proven it doesn't have to be.

If you'd like to see the book which we took inspiration from, you can buy your copy of Plants Over Processed here.


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