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Domino's Chick-Ain't Pizza Review

The joys of Veganuary continue this week with Domino's new venture into plant-based meat alternatives.

There's the new Chick-Ain't pizza and there's some new vegan nuggets to add to their vegan margarita and vegan veggie supreme pizzas.

We are always pained to pay the full price for Domino's (pizzas are less than £3 in a supermarket!), so we always plump for a deal. Our Domino's order was the Chick-Ain't Pizza, wedges and an Oasis. It was rude not to try the new vegan nuggets too though (review of those is here!)

Chick-Ain't Pizza

So how's the Chick-Ain't Pizza?

Domino's Chick-Ain't Pizza with Domino's vegan nuggets
Chick-Ain't Pizza with vegan nuggets

If you've had Domino's before, you'll know that the base, sauce and vegan cheese are good. If you've not had the vegan cheese then, it's quite creamy but with a good flavour. You can read more about it here.

The main attraction is obviously the plant-based chicken, which is made from soya. If we were giving that a score on it's own, we'd say it's about a 6.5/10. It's got a slightly meaty texture, but it's a little too chewy. There's a bit of flavour going on there too, but it's not quite enough to cut through the flavours of the pizza. We'd have preferred that the plant-based chicken was more along the lines of the one which Subway used in their T.L.C sandwich - that one has a much better flavour and the texture is much more realistic.

That being said - the plant-based chicken goes well with the onion and mixed peppers, and with a scoop of the vegan garlic and herb sauce it all goes down well.

Rating 7 / 10.

Good, but could be better. We'll probably stick with the vegan veggie supreme.

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