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Domino's Vegan Nuggets Review

We've already taken a look at Domino's new Chick-Ain't pizza, while it was ok, we weren't blown away - these nuggets on the other hand are something worth writing home about!

Let's start by getting the price out there. They're £5.99. That's £1 per nugget, which is outrageous. But, once you've reconciled yourself with the price, everything else is really good.

Firstly, the flavour. Nice strong taste. The closest thing we can use to compare these to is Quorn's vegetarian Southern Fried Bites. The difference between the two though, is that Domino's effort tones down the pepper flavour, so we're left with a nice southern fried taste and we both really enjoyed them.

Aside from the flavour, the texture is something James was especially impressed with. For those of you who are meat-reducing or have recently gone plant-based, you might well remember when you had chicken breast in the past you get the slightly stringy texture. Well, they've somehow managed to replicate that in these as well. The last time we saw a company get this close was This Isn't Chicken. You can see what we mean below.

We were really impressed by these and we'll probably be trying them again further down the line when they're part of the sides deals which Domino's offer (they're not part of any deals as far as we can see at the moment).

Rating - 9.5 / 10

Really tasty, really convincing texture. If you're getting a Domino's you should give these a shot too!

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