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Review - Gro (Co-op) Chocolate Cupcakes

On a recent trip to Scotland, we were picking up some essentials in Co-Op in Inveraray (If you've not been, you need to go it's beautiful!), and we spotted these lurking on the shelf.

We'd been doing a lot of walking on our break so we figured we'd earned a little treat after dinner.

For a bit of background, Gro products are Co-Ops plant-based range. They have a variety of other things including faux-chicken poppers, vegan sausages and the normal meat substitute products, but this was the first time we'd noticed any sweet treats under this brand, so it was rude not to give them a try.

There's only so much to say about a chocolate cupcake, but suffice it to say the icing on top is extremely sweet and yummy, the sponge is chocolatey and soft and the marshmallows are good too!

They're a great sweet treat and well worth picking up if you notice them!

Rating: 8.5/10

We'll pick these up again if we see them!


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