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Review - Koko Fruit yoghurts

We're already big fans of Alpro's plant-based yoghurts, but on our hunt for a good vegan cheese we've been recommended Koko's products. When we did our last online shopping order we thought we'd give these a shot.

They're lovely and light yoghurts. We both have a firm favourite in the peach and passionfruit version.

The strawberry and raspberry are nice, but they have a hint of coconut come through as you eat them - disclaimer, we don't really like the coconut flavour, so that's not a plus in our book.

On the whole these are really nice and tasty little treats and we'd recommend picking them up to give a shot. Amy's favourite is still the dark chocolate alpro sweet dessert and James' is the vanilla version of that!

Overall Rating 7/10. Strawberry 5/10, Raspberry 7/10 and Passionfruit saves the day with 9/10.


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