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Review - Koko Yoghurts

When it comes to vegan yoghurts, we are in love with Alpro's sweet desserts. They've absolutely nailed it with their range, but we fancied some sort of fruity yoghurt and we know a lot of people rave about Koko's cheese alternatives so we thought we'd give them a shot.

One thing to know about Koko's products is that if you like coconut you're basically guaranteed to love them because in almost all of their offerings you get a hint of coconut coming through.

We definitely found that to be the case with the Strawberry and Raspberry yoghurts which we tried from this pack. The one exception was the peach and passionfruit flavour. This was James' favourite because the flavour was strong enough to completely disguise the coconutty base flavour.

The closest non-vegan product which we'd compare these to is the Ski yoghurts with fruit pieces in and they're a pretty good vegan alternative.

If you're craving yoghurt, pop these in your basket and you won't be disappointed.

Rating - 8.5/10

They're a good vegan alternative!


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