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Review - Linda McCartney Southern Style Chicken

We love Linda McCartney's vegan Sausages (not the red onion and rosemary ones though - the supermarket can keep those) and so we thought we'd give Linda McCartney's Southern Style Chicken a go to see if the magic carries across the brand.

We'll put it out there we are already sold on some vegan alternative chicken pieces so we were expecting good things here and we weren't disappointed.

These taste like a slightly oilier version of Quorn's Southern Friend Chicken bites. If you can imagine Quorns offering had been deep fried and not dried off then that's pretty much what you have here.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you're craving something a bit dirty for dinner.

If you're in the supermarket and spot these, there's no reason not to give them a shot. We'll stick with these until Quorn make their Southern Fried Chicken Bites vegan.

Rating - 8.5/10

We'll be buying these again.


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