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Tesco's Vegan Factor Kievs Review

Plant-based Kievs, it's hard to go wrong with these right? You have a breadcrumb outside, a thin layer of plant-based chicken and a nice punchy garlic and herb filling made from a PB butter. Simple.

Well, maybe not. You see while on their own we seem to have conquered each area. Most breadcrumbs are vegan already, This Isn't have absolutely nailed chicken and Flora (#BringBackButtery!), Vitalite and co, have conquered vegan butter, it seems that finding someone who can make the whole package is quite difficult!

Online we've seen some really positive reviews of these, which inspired our purchase, but for us they weren't quite right. While the flavour was good and we used our chips to mop up the filling, we think they problem is that they're wheat based.

We always find that the wheat based alternatives have a tendency to go a bit slimy and they don't have quite the right taste and texture - that proved to be the case again here.

Would we get them again? Probably not in their current version, but they might just not be quite to our taste, so it's worth giving them a go, because you might love them!

Rating: 5/10

Tastes a bit like a Kiev, but not the perfect plant based alternative just yet. But, other reviewers have really liked them so give them a chance!

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