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Love Raw Cre&m Filled Chocolate Wafer Bars Review

We've been having a bit of fun lately trying to satisfy our chocolate cravings. Because we're not too fussy if a product says 'May contain milk' - we don't have intolerances and they've tried to avoid putting it in there - we often have Orange Bourneville. There's only so much Bourneville two people can consume though, so we've been trying to find some other options.

James' boss bought him a lovely hamper for Christmas, which we reviewed here, and in the hamper there was some Love Raw - Cream Filled Chocolate Wafer Bars. Not the catchiest name going, we'll acknowledge, but what we discovered was that they're basically the vegan version of Kinder Buenos.

The description from Love Raw is better than we could offer and it sums up the product really nicely, so you get "Cre&m Wafer Bars consisting of a crisp wafer with a satisfying snap, a layer of vegan cream and hazelnut filling and generously coated in Low Raw's iconic M:lk® chocolate."

That's the bar in a nutshell and they're very good. They were quite the revelation for us.

The other nice thing is that the chocolates are palm oil free, there's nothing artificial and the ingredients are natural. When it comes to vegan chocolate we can't ask much more than that!

Our only minor complaint is the price - they're quite expensive if you try to buy them individually, so the best way round that is to get them in bulk. Amazon do 12 packs which we normally order and you can find those here*.


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