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Review - Linda McCartney Shredded Hoisin Duck

Picture the scene, it's a Friday night, you've just finished work - it's been a tough week. You're thinking that you've earned a Chinese for your efforts this week, but your bank balance really doesn't want you to pay for the luxury of a takeaway. Well our meat-reducing or plant-powered friends, put your Chinese menu back in the draw and put your mobile back in your pocket and head to the supermarket on the way home. Your wallet will thank you and your taste buds won't be disappointed either!

As with all of these vegan alternatives, sometimes they're hits and sometimes they're misses. But, if you're craving a Chinese and some shredded duck then you'll be pleased to hear these are a hit. Unlike the This Isn't Chicken pieces these were OK on their own. It isn't until you pop them in a pancake with spring onion and cucumber that the whole thing comes together.

They're really great in a pancake - the texture is spot on, the flavour is tempered by the other components and the overall effect is actually similar to shredded duck in a Chinese and that is no mean feat.

We were trying to think of alternative uses for these pieces apart from the obvious one in the wraps and we think they should be quite nice if you were to make some BBQ noodles with the duck, but we think, because of the flavouring, there are limited uses. The things you do use them for will be delicious though.

Rating 9/10.

PS. When you do your homemade Chinese, it's no problem going all out! We had our noodles and mixed Fry's Nuggets with some sweet and sour sauce to round out our made at home fakeaway!



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